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Company Profile
Company Name ENDA CO., LTD.
Representative's name Representative Director Enta Tsuyoshi
Establishment October 1949 (1949)
Incorporation of enterprise December 1973 (1973)
Capital 10 million yen
Company Address 30-35 Higashihonjoji Sanjo City,Niigata Prefecture 955-0823,Japan
Product line
Garden supplies Horticultural cutlery planter hanger watering equipment unity supplies such as mole Toki flower stand sprayer bonsai care tool
Flower arrangement supplies Flower shears pinholder Hananoko Flower back wire kind, such as
Business Products For for Landscaping Services Florist
the establishment of a business
We started the trade as 1949 hardware town of Sanjo of origin wholesaler, had been wholesale and cutlery and household goods to Japan.  In particular, it has been deployed around the planting Kibasami or your Hanabasami, we become two pillars become the basis of sales of gardening supplies and flower arranging supplies of today's products handled.
Main Business Activities
Currently, we try in which a number of new products are born, only of the goods rather than users' benefit (ease of use, such as good quality) changed the shape and color of the product development to become.
 We we have a product development on the theme of effective utilization of place than a dozen years ago.
 In recent years a wide space that decorate the plant due to the gardening of development has become necessary, and such as planter hanger (which is mounted instrument that can be multiplied like to planter a block fence), we have sent out a variety of products.
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切れる喜び 抜群の切れ味
華道花ばさみ 美しい鏡面磨き
スーパー剪定ばさみ 切れ味の持続
盆栽ばさみ サビに強い

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